2019: The Year of The Micro Influencer

We have all heard of the ‘influencer’, the girls and boys of Instagram sharing their lives, outfits, struggles, relationships and everything else it seems on social media, gaining a mass, loyal following along the way. Brands have seen the increasing value in using influencers to market their products, it’s effective, it can be long term and if done correctly targets the right people fast. However, with this boom in influencer advertising has come a push for authenticity, consumers are sceptical as to whether or not their favourite online personalities actually use the products they are selling and as such are becoming more and more hesitant to buy. Another problem with spending thousands, sometimes millions on influencer advertising is that the audience is so large you don’t always know if you are targeting the right people.

What’s the solution you ask? Say hello to the Micro Influencer. Micro influencers are the same as your regular influencers however they have a much smaller following. They reach far viewer people, but the results are far more impactful.

Why go micro?

  • They deliver engagement 60% higher than your average influencer.
  • They’re cost effective, you’re not paying for millions of followers.
  • They drive social buzz.
  • Easier to forge long term partnerships resulting in positive long-term effects.
  • Their followers are loyal. Extremely. Their opinions matter and their followers listen.
  • There are a lot of them two choose from, it is wise to choose more than one.
  • Will advocate for your brand.

The influencer market is largely controlled by millennials and they know what they want. Millennials are the most educated generation to date, they are highly selective, they care about social issues, the environment, and what every person and company is doing to have a positive impact on the world. When most people think millennial, they think 15-year old’s but in actuality millennials are born between 1985 and 2000. They are the country’s highest spending demographic, they shop with purpose and if they can’t find it, they are not afraid of going out and creating it themselves. Often attracting loyal followers who are much like themselves, the followers of micro influencers are actively checking in with, listening and buying what is being advertised by these people they have come to trust. As such micro influencers are a great way for a brand to get their message across and forge a long-term emotional connection with consumers.

Micro influencers are also a valuable target in themselves, spending more than the average millennial woman on clothing, accessories, dining out and beauty making them an ideal partner as they will emulate the brand with every post. Micro influencers are fast becoming the biggest marketing trend of 2019 and it will be interesting to see how this industry grows in the year ahead.