Age Matters Brand Identity Guidelines

Aged Care Sector

When it comes to Aged Care good branding offers so much more than just profits. With a decade of experience working with this industry, Fresco has created strategic branding that ensured a connection to both the resident and their families. Fresco has created campaigns that have inspired loyalty and trust and that has engaged, informed and supported its customers.

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Clubs and Hospitality

Fresco Creative have worked on creative campaigns and publications for the club and hospitality sector since 2008.  Whether it’s a sophisticated venue or a casual place to meet, have a beer and watch a show we understand that the strength of a club’s promotional and branding material can greatly influence whether a patron wishes to visit or return to the venue.

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Basement Brewhouse
SpeeDx Website Design and Development

Data and Technology

The team at Fresco understands that publishing data and technology stats doesn’t need to be a less than thrilling statutory obligation that is produced out of sheer necessity. Instead these reports can be a powerful tool that allows readers to connect with and understand a brand emotionally.

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Education Sector

Fresco has over 2 decades of experience working with the education sector, assisting in putting marketing plan into action, resulting in successful outcomes for  schools or universities.  Gone are the days where the school’s librarian is also responsible for putting together the school’s year book , prospectus or advertising schedule.

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Mount St Benedict College Bus Advertising
Department of Planning Industry and Environment Precinct Strategy Brochure Graphic Design Services by Fresco Creative

Finance Sector

More than any other industry we work with, the Finance and Corporate Sector brings with it high levels of expectation from the market for quality branding and visual identity. We have worked with American Express, GPT Group, Police Bank, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited, Australian Impact Investments and many government organisations like the Independent Transport Safety Regulator, Australian Energy Market Commission and the Council of Australasian Tribunals to name a few.

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Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many different industries including local councils and Government authorities, which allowed us to understand not only some of the constraints, demands and but also the importance to provide security for Government data while being transparent within a Government body. We have the expertise in developing creative and engaging marketing material that strictly follows the brand guidelines of each council or Government agency.

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Independent Transport Safety Regulator Annual Report Maps Data Analytics Charts Tables NSW Government ITSR Reporting Graphic Design Fresco Creative
Roselands Health Hub Logo Graphic Design Services by Fresco Creative


Does your brand need a health check? Work with a creative studio that really cares about your brand and your people. Fresco has worked with many organisations in the healthcare industry such as Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, Royal Rehab, SummitCare, ACRF, UNSW Ageing Futures, Cancer Council, Sydney Children’s Hospital, BaptistCare, Active Living NSW, Satipharm, Clan Child Health, Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation and many more.

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Not-for-Profit Sector

The marketing and branding efforts of a not-for-profit organisation plays a critical part in the overall growth, message, achievement of mission and sustainability of the organisation and it almost always determines where people choose to donate their hard-earned money. Donations which have been made to help make a societal impact need to be allocated wisely, we understand NFPs need to be discerning about how best to spend this.

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Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Appeal Direct Mail Design Graphic Form Interactive Fill Autofill Donation Feedback Data collection Envelope Fresco Creative Surry Hills Christmas
Kaplan Homes Website Refresh Gallery Page


As an experienced branding agency, Fresco understands that customers are not just buying a product, they are also buying a story that connects to them emotionally. Buyers will be imagining how the product is going to make them feel, how it’s going to improve their lives now and into the future and it’s this feeling (not just the price they need to pay) that determines whether they will commit to the purchase or not

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