Is Print the Next Big Thing?

For years many have been uttering the statement ‘print is dead’ and for the most part they were on to something, print has been in a steady decline for the last 3 years as digital subscriptions are on the rise. As the world shifts towards technology, sustainability and minimalism more and more people are making the move to online platforms to receive everything from news, fashion magazines, clothing and homewares. With the majority of ad spend now spent on online platforms, slowly but surely print is being edged out…how rude.

So, what’s left for print, it’s definitely not dead as people like to spout, text books, commemorative material, business cards, annual reports and school year books are all still tangible and while they may all one day turn digital, we aren’t there yet. With this new assumption that print is being left behind and marketers need not look in that direction, some of the biggest brands of today are bucking the trend and using print as their next big advertising ploy to get people talking and spoiler alert…it’s working.

3 Brands Born on the Internet that are Embracing Print:


Hugely popular online digital media company Buzzfeed, known for its quick recipes, quizzes such as “which gossip girl character am I?” and articles revolving around pop culture, shocked everyone when they released a one-time only, free, print magazine with the statement “Fans all across New York will be able to check out the must-read stories without ever needing WIFI.” This marketing stunt got social media talking and people across New York rushing to get a copy before they were gone, all in all it was a huge success.


Yet to be released, Netflix print publication currently holding the title “Wide”, to be released to coincide with the Emmys, Netflix are aiming to give readers an insight into upcoming original content as well as a deeper look at their current talent, as a means to increase credibility and dismiss claims the company is failing at nurturing its young stars. Whilst details surrounding the magazine are limited it already has the internet abuzz with anticipation.


Online, female led dating, networking and business app, Bumble have taken over the digital space and now they are going to print with a publication titled, “Bumble Mag”. A lifestyle publication organised into four sections the magazine will featuring advice, daily mantras, success stories and celebrity interviews. Yet to be released the magazine already has star power with contributors such as Serena Williams, Leandra Medine and Jennifer Meyer. The purpose of this magazine is to strengthen bonds with its current audience while at the same time reaching an entirely new one altogether.

Print can be powerful, getting creative with it might just be the way to consumers hearts while also being the way to save print for years to come. If you are interested in experimenting with a print publication or anything print related give Fresco a call on (02) 8116 9033 and let’s discuss.