Annual Report Trends of 2019

Annual Reports Designs don’t have to be dull, and if in 2019 they are, you are doing something wrong.

It’s time to stop thinking of your annual report as a statutory obligation and instead, as an amazing opportunity to show off your story, your people, your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

Key trends emerging in the world of annual reports:

Bold Themes

Reasons your annual report needs a theme: 

  • Make it interesting.
  • Provide an incentive to keep reading.
  • Provide order and consistency throughout the report.
  • Help tell your story your way.
  • Strengthens message and identity.
  • Helps to humanise a brand and establish a connection.
  • Helps to direct your internal team and reaffirm your goals.
  • Provides an opportunity to lead your brand into its future.

A great example of a theme creating an impact in an annual report design is the Gates Foundation Annual Letter. This year’s theme was surprising, last year’s theme was tough questions, in 2016 It was superpowers. Each theme was woven into the context of the foundation itself and gives the feel of an open and honest conversation, which is why it has become so popular over the years.


Reasons your annual report needs Infographics: 

  • They consolidate large amounts of information into a fun easy to read form.
  • Numbers are so yesterday; you need to show your audience why these particular numbers are being thrown at them, why they are important and what they relate to.
  • They stand out from the crowd of black text.
  • Great way to show global links and statistics.
  • The perfect way to spread the report across social platforms.

Infographics are eye-catching, somewhat entertaining and informative. People are suckers for great design so draw them in and give them the information they need in the most painless way possible.


Reasons your annual report needs people:

  • People respond to people.
  • Build trust through showcasing real-life stories, loyalty, commitment and strength.
  • Personalises a report.

Perhaps the most important of the trends and the best way of establishing an emotional connection with your audience is people. Show off your people, make them known as a means of showing a softer side and establishing a strong sense of trust and loyalty.

If you are currently planning your annual report and are unsure about how to implement these trends give Fresco Creative a call on (02) 8116 9033 and let’s discuss.

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