How to build your brand and create brand equity?


As mentioned in my previous blog, building brand equity is the foundation for a company’s long-term success. Graphic designers and marketing specialists can assist in building brand equity by actively investing in all usable assets.

We at Fresco believe in creating strong, positive, and unique brand attributes that people will remember so that you are always front of mind.

• Advertising – Various media that is suitable for your brand
• Engaging with a vast range of people through social media
• Creating content such as videos and targeted campaigns


The goal is to position your brand consistently and cohesively within the market. So please don’t go off track; stay true to your brand and its values. A brand’s culture – its beliefs, values, and USPs must also remain consistent. A consistent brand means people won’t get confused. By being consistent, you are creating clarity on who you are and what you do… no confusion. This doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up a bit at times and introduce new ideas and campaigns… but whatever you do, the messaging must always align with your overarching brand aesthetic and values.

• Consistently and consciously convey the brand’s core values and meaning
• Relay to consumers what your company represents and its core benefits. What are they?
• Don’t compare your brand to your competitors. Be clear and clarify who you are and what makes your product or service unique

Positive Brand Associations

Ask a graphic designer for help and guidance. They are experts in creative aesthetics and positive brand associations. Enhancing how clients view your brand and strong brand associations are crucial to building loyalty.

• create eye-catching advertising using clever campaigns and slogans, highlighting the core functional, social, or emotional benefits of your product
• make sure the business and its people behind the brand are socially and environmentally responsible and establishes ethical business practices

Building Relationships

Your clients or consumers ultimately are the ones who determine the strength of your brand’s equity. Therefore, building and maintaining positive relationships with your people is essential. Stay in touch with customers via social media, provide excellent customer service at all times and tracking any negative press or feedback, listening and responding.