Graphic Design and Marketing…what you need to know

I would say that most, if not all marketing — be it traditional, branded, or digital- rely on quality and strategic design that is eye-catching. So if you are a graphic designer working with marketing managers and advertising agencies, there are a few things you should know that will help.

What designers need to know when it comes to graphic design and marketing

Most designers working in the marketing or advertising space need to understand that they work in team environments drawing on copywriters, web developers, creative directors, and content strategists, to name a few. It takes a complete team to complete most design projects.

The ability to design objectively is critical when creating a marketing piece for a client. It’s all about the brief and the client’s commercial needs. But, unfortunately, what we designers like or don’t like does not come into play.

Become comfortable with feedback of all kinds

In any creative field, criticism and constructive feedback are part of the job. A successful graphic designer will find ways to use this feedback and turn it into something positive that will enhance their design work.
Over time most designers will build a rapport with their art directors and clients, and with this trust will come creative freedom and autonomy.

Familiarity with digital platforms is super important.
The digital world is constantly evolving, with new platforms and possibilities opening up; being across this space is essential, and knowing how they work to best maximise your marketing dollar is vital.
Employees want an all-rounder who can move from print design to digital marketing to social media and branding. Having a solid understanding of design is one thing, but combining that with knowing the technical aspects of websites and digital marketing will provide more opportunities and the right skills to service many clients.

Become a people person

Successful graphic designers stay in the game because they have extraordinary visual abilities.
Being a successful graphic designer isn’t just about having an incredible portfolio and being able to use all the design programs; it’s about relationships. How well you can convey your creative ideas and designs to your superiors and clients are key to building positive and long-lasting relationships.

Always be prepared to learn something new

Due to the continual and evolving digital and print design space, be prepared to learn new things constantly. In addition, we know that marketing and advertising are mainly focused on trends, so understanding what is new or on trend will assist when trying to capture prospective customers.