What makes a good Graphic Designer?


You may think that finding a graphic designer is easy, and you might be correct, but finding a good one can be more of a challenge. Someone who understands your brief and adds value to what you already envisaged for your project is much harder to come by… I have listed some essential qualities I believe are useful when trying to find the right designer for your project. Here are some tips that distinguish a great graphic designer from an average one.

Be Creative

It goes without saying that a good graphic designer must be imaginative and able to apply that imagination to their work. Following the crowd and the latest trends doesn’t make you creative.. anyone can do that. They find inspiration everywhere, from the world we live in and the things we experience. 37% of marketers said visual marketing was their business’s most important form of content, second only to blogging (38%).

Keep it consistent

In graphic design, the word consistency and cohesion often crops up. Whether working with clients on a website design, brochure, or a large-scale report, keeping your design consistent and following a company’s brand guidelines is essential. Colour schemes, styles, design assets, and fonts must be considered during all aspects of creation. A great designer can incorporate a brand’s identity into the new concepts created off the back of the brief. If a brand identity needs to be clarified, a designer can create one for them.

Be a Problem-solver

Becoming a great graphic designer means knowing how to solve a problem and how to interpret a brief. A designer must make things work logically, not only to create something unique but to know how their designs can work across the entire brand and marketing initiatives. A great graphic designer will be up for any creative challenge and will most likely discover new ideas by asking the right questions and doing the perfect amount of research.

Keep Learning

Designing is a lifelong process. Things we designed a year or two ago will only work today if it still fits the brief. Therefore, learning new ways of approaching the brief and elevating the design to be even better is essential. As the graphic design industry evolves, a good and creative designer gets ahead of the latest trends and is open to constantly learning new ideas and techniques.

Able to take criticism

Only some things you design will be liked or approved, and it is essential to know that this isn’t because your design is wrong or doesn’t meet the brief. Still, criticism shouldn’t be taken personally because the client may have had a different vision in mind. It’s only another person’s opinion. Bear in mind that if you meet the original objectives of the brief, then usually, you can justify your creative choices. Design should be objective, not subjective. Clients often choose what they like rather than what design best fits the purpose. That is our job to educate. A great designer will take criticism positively, accept it is bound to happen, and learn what works well and doesn’t.

Be Patient

Doing a great job is time-consuming, and the best ideas often take time. It can take numerous concepts and a considerable amount of research for an idea to develop and come to life. However, a good designer has the patience to continue working on and developing ideas. As the demand for visual content is rising, we at Fresco Creative believe that a designer’s job is more important than ever. Finding the right designer with enough commercial design experience and the ability to understand your objectives is your biggest challenge. So when you find one, hold on tight. That is my biggest tip!