5 key components to the successful launch of your rebrand

Rebranding a company is no small feat, a large scale all-inclusive rebrand requires time, money and effort with input required from all levels and all departments and as such you want to put equal dedication into its launch. Whatever the reason for rebranding whether it be changing demographics, new technology, competition, sustainability or it may just be time for an update, the way you launch plays a big part in how the rebrand will be received by the public and whether or not the intended message will be clearly and accurately communicated.

5 factors that need to take precedence in the project management of a rebrand launch are timing, clarity, consistency, culture and connection.


Timing is everything, the right thing at the wrong time is not going to be successful. Its import to do your research and identify the optimal time of launch as to correspond with the largest impact possible whilst allowing enough time for the rebrand to be 100% complete before launch. Gradual change has been proven to negatively affect brand awareness and consumer activity, so it is important to provide a clean break between the old and the new. Rebranding signifies an upgrade on all levels so it’s important not to have bits and pieces of the past branding popping up here and there.


Your re-brand needs to have an identifiable reason and message behind it. All aspects need to be clear and comprehensive, making whoever sees it immediately aware of your intentions and overall aim, never giving anyone reason to think you are unprepared or simply doubt your company’s ability.

People get frustrated easily online, if they can’t find what they after relatively quickly they will leave, if they can find it and it’s not easy to understand or overly complicated, they will leave. Every part of your brand needs to say, ‘we have confidence in every aspect of what we do’ and you should too.


This involves the constant creation of relevant, interesting, purposeful and unique content that is readily accessible to your clientele. Don’t make it easy for people to forget who you are. Consistently publishing quality, well thought out resources to all relevant channels helps build trust between a company and consumers while at the same time giving the impression that you are hardworking and on the ball.


Change needs to be fully embraced at all levels of the company before the launch can go ahead. Mixed messages may instil a lack of confidence in an audience and the effort your company has gone through to roll out its rebrand could inevitably prove ineffective.

Employees are the people representing your brand every day, they are primary conveyors of your message, consistently reinforcing your values, beliefs and goals to your clients, therefore it is important this message is consistent amongst all employees as well as in line with what the company has publicly expressed.


Make it personal, consumers crave emotional connections with brands, millennials in particular are extremely conscious of a brands corporate social responsibility effort’s and are intentional in only aligning themselves with and supporting brands who reflect their own values and ideals. Developing an emotional connection that can be built on overtime is the single most effective way to establish a brand that can stand the test of time and survive a small amount of bad press from time to time due to the fact that their relationships with their audience is so strong.

A rebrand is an excellent basis for a large-scale marketing campaign that has the power to rejuvenate your company and set you out on a path of your own creation with a clear purpose that accurately reflects your new image and intentions. For more information of how best to launch your rebrand contact Fresco Creative on (02) 8116 9032 and let’s discuss.