Why It’s Important to Construct and Stick to a Social Media Strategy

There are a large number of misconceptions surrounding social media marketing, some know how to do it well and many don’t. Its 2019 and its time to start taking the business of social media seriously, because it’s just that…a business and like any successful business, it can’t survive without a clearly defined strategy that every member of the team believes in and sticks to.

Deciding to launch your brand across social media platforms is a great move however, it requires more thought than simply… I want a lot of followers straight away and every one of them is going to click through to the website and share the greatness of my brand…my pics will go viral and I’m going to get influencers to promote the business for next to nothing, it should be easy. I hate to break it to you but that’s not always how it works, in order to reap the benefits of social media you need a plan and more importantly you need to know what you’re dealing with.

  1. With so many brands, Influencers and celebrities on social media, users are becoming increasingly picky with who they choose to follow and as such gaining followers can be a slow build, focus on establishing a clear brand voice and spreading your message your way in a visually appealing way. Give it some time to work before you switch to something new, with the right strategy, the right people will find you in time.
  1. Going viral isn’t always easy and not always necessary. If you have steady stream of consistent, good quality content that targets the right audience, going viral isn’t necessary, it could have an amazing short-term effect on your brand yes, but long term is the way to approach these platforms and fanfare will die down quickly.
  1. You don’t need to hit them all, don’t think because everyone else is doing It you need to as well, find that platforms that make sense for your brand.
  1. Posting schedules are vital, stick to the schedule as much as possible. I know people love to say ‘that’s great, post it right now’ but that’s not always the way to go, always think ahead and try to stick to the plan.
  1. Influencers? Big yes, using influences in a great business move IF it adds value to your brand and theirs. You don’t just pick one, and all of a sudden have mass ROI with one post, maybe if you’re working with a Kardashian or a Jenner, however in general the best move is to pick a person who’s image and values align with that of the brands and establish an ongoing relationship that will ultimately lead to long term benefits and brand recognition.

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