The New Age of Digital Marketing

Out with the old and in with the new, Facebook and Instagram are hugely popular platforms that are amazing tools for promoting your business, however there is more out there, and they are worth exploring. When it comes to advertising online so often businesses narrow in on these two power houses and forget the rest so let’s dive a little deeper into what’s on offer other than Facebook and Instagram:


Extremely new to the advertising space, Pinterest have just added paid advertisements and shoppable links to their images. What’s great about Pinterest is that people go there with intent, users are looking for something in particular, whether to be inspired or to find new places to shop at this is a site with a high level or interaction, particularly in the spaces of home décor, home builds, fashion, beauty and travel. 93% of Pinterest’s 250 million users say they use the site to make purchasing plans and conduct product research and 40% of users have a household income of more than $100k.

What you do; pick a pin, promote the best ones you’ve got as they will appear in the most relevant places, select your target audience, pay per click or site visit, you have the ability to select a lifetime spending limit and track your campaign. Advertising on Pinterest means you are targeting a large number of people who are actively searching for products related to what you are offering.


Goodbye radio hello podcasts. On a global scale podcast advertising revenue totalled a whopping $650 million in 2018 and that is expected to grow in 2019 as radio advertising stays at a standstill. 17% of Australians over the age of 12 listen to podcasts every month, that is roughly 3.4 million people, of that number 65% listen to around 6 podcast episodes per week, that’s around 41 million hours of content being consumed by Australians every month. 63% of consumers are male and 37% female. Podcasts tend to receive most of their listeners within the first week of them going live meaning the adverts are relevant and timely, with the majority of podcast listeners listening to advertisements all the way through making this a great option for any business.


This is a big one, the growth YouTube has been experiencing of late is almost incomprehensible, the number of active users on this site is huge, almost as popular as Netflix for watching content, YouTube is a fantastic platform for your next advertisement. In the last two years alone the number of small to medium sized business of all industries advertising on YouTube has doubled, and for good reason, as of late 2018 YouTube receives 15,000,000 unique Australian visitors per month with 1 in 2 Australians being active on YouTube.

Reasons to advertise on YouTube; you only pay when someone chooses to watch at least 30 seconds of your advertisement or clicks on the link. Choose what content your ad features on, for instance if you’re in the building industry you may want to advertise during home improvement or interior design channels. On average businesses spend around $10 per day for locally featured adverts. Obviously, you pay more if you want to make your ad one that cannot be skipped however a lot can be done with skippable ads as they run for a minimum of six seconds and a lot can be done in that time.


Now I know what you’re thinking, people with Spotify premium don’t receive ads, that is the allure of paying $14 a month or thereabouts, all music all the time, however, a whopping 75% of Spotify users are free users, that’s about 116 million people, who get ads, a lot of them, a majority of which they are unable to skip through making them effective.

What’s great about Spotify, other than the music, is the sheer amount of people the service attracts, there is no one demographic, it’s a mix bag of ages, professions, genders, wealth, tastes etc meaning that whatever your selling, chances someone on Spotify is interested in buying. What’s even better is that Spotify do all the work for you, you send them the script and they generate the ad, voice, music all of it, with unlimited sets of amends so they do all the heavy lifting and you get to select your desired audience.

The cost of a Spotify ad campaign may vary depending on your target audience and the length of the advertisement however you can begin to build your campaign with a minimum budget of $250 and go from there.

There is a lot that goes into digital marketing, the opportunities are endless and so is the sheer amount of power of these platforms. If you are interested in exploring any of the platforms listed about give Fresco Creative a call and let’s discuss.