Instagram Stories for Businesses…. Yay or Nay?

When it was released in 2016, Instagram Stories was not a welcomed addition to the much loved platform, seemingly mimicking the very popular (at the time) snap chat, adding stories to Instagram just seemed unnecessary….fast forward to 2019 and the featuring is more popular than plain old picture posting on the feed, while at the same time cementing Instagram as ‘the’ social media platform. Not only that but Instagram stories has become an amazing tool for businesses to further their connection with their target audience on the all ages social network.

Part of the allure being the inside look the feature allows users to give their audience, it is an insightful and relaxed way to post, proven to increase loyalty and feelings of authenticity without messing with the perfectly arranged, aesthetically pleasing, perfect pictures posted to the grid making it perfect for businesses, big and small alike.

What’s great about stories is that the businesses that may come across as less relatable, unattainable or particularly polished now have a way to show the people behind the curtain, a relaxed unfiltered inside look and it can show as much or as little as you like, without taking away from the overall look of your Instagram page and brand image that may have taken a long time to perfect and that you should by no means mess with.

Not only proving to increase loyalty and authenticity through the informal nature of the feature, Instagram stories add variety, keeps people intrigued and is a great way to engage your audience to a greater extent than simply liking a picture. Through the use of Instagram stickers, polls, Q&A’s and swipe up accessories, viewers are actively playing a part in building the brand and are more likely to come back for more, tag your page and link to your website, what more could you want.

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