The right time to rebrand – A Graphic Designer’s perspective

Firstly, what is “branding”? If you need clarification on all this hype, what it means, and if you need to redo what you currently have…

A common misconception is that branding is just a logo with some colour. But in reality, it is so much more than an image. A brand gives people an impression and feeling about you and your business. Essentially it is your reputation and identity. It’s an instantly recognisable name, design, symbol, or feature that identifies your business and usually includes characteristics of your core values. Your brand is how you want to be perceived in the market and what key messages are essential to your business. A well-executed brand can be extremely powerful, making people want to purchase your product and work with you or even for you!

Branding is constant

From the beginning of my graphic design career, there has always been a lot of discussion in our industry about branding, rebranding, and keeping your brand relevant. We are constantly being exposed to more and more images; we view thousands of photos and related content daily, and because of this exposure, brand relevance is super important

The digital age 

Because the digital age is moving so rapidly and also, depending on who you speak to they may refer to, the pace of change is undeniable. Every day we can see technology’s impact on how brands express themselves, and authenticity is critical. Brands are becoming more evolved due to technology, and the ones that do it well adapt and adopt ways to apply their brand language to the technology.

Is branding a continuous process? 

The answer is simple: branding is an ongoing process because it’s a never-ending battle to stay at the top of the mind and front of the heart. So many global brands compete for our attention that it’s only possible to maintain a top spot with continuous effort. Yet, they deliver results with style and substance, leading to exceptional results. Branding is constant, and if you want to keep up in the digital age, more brands are evolving more often with slight updates and aesthetic tweaks or even considering partnerships with other brands, therefore, leveraging the market share of both brands to stay relevant. With this approach, simplicity is key. The stripping back of the design and showing restraint with the design gives your brand a level of clarity and freshness, which also gives your brand endurance.

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