Accessibility needs to be considered at the beginning of any graphic design project

Accessibility-1200pxWAccessible graphic design helps ensure that your website is easy on the eyes — and easy to navigate — for the most significant number of users possible. We call this, put simply, good business; with 25% of prospective customers potentially unable to access your site without accessible design, you can increase both revenue and reputation by improving overall accessibility.

At Fresco, we believe some easy design changes can improve website accessibility. These include:

  • Contrast and colour — Text and background colours that lack contrast are hard to read; ensure there is enough contrast to allow for differentiation across assets.
  • Keyboard utilization — Can you easily navigate your website using only keyboard commands? If not, consider a re-design — visitors with acceptable motor disruptions won’t stay long if they can’t quickly access information.
  • Text scalability — WordPress sites natively allow text scale and zoom on multiple devices, which is essential for users with vision impairments or difficulty reading. WordPress has loads of great tips to assist with this if you are unsure.

Legislation is also changing to make accessible graphic design a priority. While private companies don’t share the same legal obligation, we do believe it is the best and most ethical practice to ensure your company information can be accessed by all people without discrimination.

At Fresco Creative we are a full-service design agency that has complete capabilities to ensure you design is a accessibility and follows the guidelines set by the Australian Government, The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, often known as WCAG, is an internationally recognised benchmark for measuring the accessibility of websites. The current version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is WCAG 2.0.