Second Screen Social Selling

Second screen social selling is on the rise and brands need to take note.

“Increasing your user’s time with your Brand is today’s marketing challenge. You can’t reach them on network television, but you can float alongside as they stream through the friendly waters of Instagram, tweets, selfies, Snapchat, Facebook and whatever.” –


Bear with me while I throw some numbers at you:

  • 71% of mobile phone users use their phone or tablet to search things related to what they are currently watching on television, whether that be to gain info on a tv personality, research a place or to find out where their favourite character got her boots from, it’s becoming common practice to search and watch at the same time.
  • 41% of users are using their phones to talk to their friends about what they are watching.
  • 28% write or read social media posts related to the content they’re viewing.
  • 35% searches are related to tv ads.


TV networks are taking note, providing viewers with hashtags to post to twitter and Instagram as they are watching, knowing full well their audience are also on their phone. They are not hiding from only having half of their audience’s attention, rather they are embracing it with full force, generating more network, viewer interaction than ever before.

Netflix for one, understands that a large number of their viewers are also on social media talking about their shows, so they make it easier for them to do so, further encouraging the discussion. Their viewers publicly share theories about the latest plot lines and gush over their favourite characters, Netflix even went as far as creating a GIF library of their most popular shows, giving their audience the content needed to express their inner most feeling regarding that last cliff hanger or character betrayal. Actors are contractually obligated to Live Tweet and advertise their show across all their platforms and interact with fans. Netflix’s Instagram account has the alter ego of 14-year-old girl, and she responds to a variety of comments made on the page, just like a 14 year old girl would, making it almost as popular as the shows themselves.

Another example of a company taking charge of this lack of attention to one thing at a time is Tide, who whilst their super bowl ad was playing, ran a creative campaign across both TV and social media, with pre-planned posts, GIFs and a team of people ready to respond to comments online, keeping the banter alive for as long as possible.

Brands need to take note of when and where their products are likely to appear and make the searching, sharing process as simple and fun as possible while it is happening.

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