WHY it is important to CHANGE…

It is no secret here at Fresco Creative that we love the wise words of Simon Sinek. He is one inspiring person with so many pearls of wisdom that can be taken into our everyday lives.

“If we can understand what our why is (and what it isn’t), we can focus on the big picture rather than just the milestones that mark our accomplishments.” – Simon Sinek

This can be applied to many facets of our lives of course, but in the world of business it is all about ‘why’ you do what you do and how we market our ‘why’ to the broader community.

Once you know and understand your companies’ why’ it will naturally create authenticity in your brand because you know what you stand for, how to present yourself and to be just who you are. Every company has a culture and personality. Marketing your ‘why’ will naturally appeal to potential business partners that feel the same way about the world as you do. It creates a natural business synergy. Working with companies that share your values makes doing business that much easier.

To do things differently is the reverse. It is creating inauthentic communication which will have the reverse effect. You can’t maintain what you are not. You will eventually get caught out, unfortunately.

This process of understanding your ‘why’ can, in a lot of cases, mean a re-evaluation of what you are currently doing, which means CHANGE. Change is inevitable when establishing your ‘why’ for the first time.

As a branding and graphic design agency, we understand the power of change and the potential effects it can have on people. Change allows us to challenge our ideals, values, what makes us unique and ultimately who we are as a business. At Fresco, we celebrate the growth and continued success of our clients by providing strategic branding and communication solutions that connect with the ‘why’ of their business and their customers. Such a strategic approach inevitably produces positive results. Through our in-depth strategic processes, we aim to develop creative solutions that engage and inspire. We know that all decisions, by people are made on an emotional and an intellectual level.

All of this can sound like design speak, we know all too well that creating design solutions that are balance sheet positive is key to any branding initiative. Our goal is to develop lifelong partnerships with organisations that understand the actual and tangible benefit of change gaining long term success, and long term growth. Through creative design and thinking, we aim to make a permanent and significant difference in the lives of our clients and their customers.

To learn more about your company’s ‘why’ or how to implement change across your marketing strategy speak to one of our expert brand managers.

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