Should brands make new years resolutions?

January 1, 2024

Brands certainly can benefit from setting New Year’s resolutions. While a brand itself isn’t a sentient being capable of making resolutions, the collective actions, strategies and goals set by a brand can reflect the essence of a resolution. Here are a few reasons why it’s advantageous:

Firstly, resolutions often encompass growth and improvement. Similarly, brands can use this mindset to set goals for enhancing their products, services or customer experiences. Whether it’s refining a product line, improving customer service, or revamping marketing strategies, setting goals aligned with improvement can help a brand evolve.

Secondly, resolutions often focus on change. For brands, this could mean adapting to emerging trends, updating outdated practices or even taking steps to become more environmentally sustainable. Embracing change can keep a brand relevant and responsive to evolving consumer needs.

Thirdly, resolutions often prioritise consistency. Brands can use this principle to strengthen their brand identity, messaging and overall customer experience. Consistency across various touchpoints builds trust and loyalty among consumers.

Resolutions often involve a commitment to better habits. Brands can aim to cultivate positive habits like transparency, ethical practices or community engagement. These habits not only contribute to the brand’s reputation but also resonate with socially conscious consumers.

However, it’s crucial to approach resolutions realistically. Unrealistic or overly ambitious goals might lead to disappointment or burnout. Brands should set achievable milestones and continuously evaluate and adjust their strategies to stay on track.

Ultimately, while brands can’t make resolutions in the traditional sense, adopting a resolution-like mindset can guide them toward growth, adaptability, and positive change in the New Year. To see how Fresco can help your brand stick with its New Year’s resolutions contact us today!