Print is Alive and Well…Here’s Why

In the digital age it is just so convenient to do everything online, and as such everyone is doing it, it seems things you didn’t think would have become digitised have been, and whilst the convenience of it is fantastic, it makes it incredibly hard for brands to break through the noise and stay relevant. As for consumers, it’s not having the best effect on our health to be glued to a screen all day. Print may be declining in popularity however there will always be a place for it and if used correctly it can be a powerful marketing tool and your best bet for breaking through the clutter on the internet.

Why use print:

  1. Great print design stands out, people stop to take note of what it’s all about.
  1. Readers retain more information when reading print.
  1. Print can be a truly beautiful thing that people hold onto for years, whether it’s a coffee table book, flyer or a letter you want framed, people often find reasons to put these things on display in their homes.
  1. Touch and feel is important and can strengthen emotional branding efforts.
  1. Better together, the most effective marketing strategy Is a combination of print and digital. Where print acts as a high quality supplement to a brands digital presence that consumers can trust.

Too often nowadays people are skimping on print design because it’s believed to be less effective than their online content, which in some cases is true, digital content is incredibly important for a brand to get right, with that said every form of content your business produces is representation of your overall brand and needs to be handled with care, producing content for the sake of it never ends well. Ideally print should float alongside your online content, assisting with brand recognition and strengthening your overall brand message and reliability. If your business is one that relies heavily on digital content, then producing high quality, beautifully designed print collateral every now and then can have a big impact. For more information give us a call on (02) 8116 9033 and let’s discuss.