Is the art of the photoshoot dead for graphic design?

February 22, 2024

While the prevalence of image libraries has undeniably transformed the landscape of graphic design, proclaiming the death of the art of the photoshoot may be premature. Image libraries provide a vast pool of readily available, high-quality visuals that can save time and resources. However, they come with a trade-off – generic and often overused imagery that lacks the uniqueness and authenticity that a carefully crafted photoshoot can bring. The art of the photoshoot involves capturing the essence, style and brand identity of a subject in a way that’s impossible to replicate with stock images.

Originality and authenticity

Originality and authenticity are crucial in graphic design, especially for businesses aiming to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Photoshoots allow graphic designers to create content that is tailor-made to convey the specific message, mood or narrative desired by the client. This personal touch can significantly impact the visual identity of a brand, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Versatility and originality

A well-executed photoshoot allows for creative direction and control over every aspect of the imagery, from lighting to composition. This level of control is often limited when using stock photos, where the available options may not perfectly align with the design vision. Custom photoshoots enable graphic designers to build a cohesive visual language that resonates with the brand’s personality and with the target audience.

Multimedia content

The art of the photoshoot also extends beyond capturing still images. In the era of multimedia – videos, cinemagraphs and other dynamic visual content play a significant role in graphic design. A photoshoot provides the raw material for creating diverse and engaging multimedia content that can enhance the overall impact of a marketing and advertising campaign.

Providing a brand specific narrative

While image libraries have democratised access to visuals with the latest iteration being free image libraries (yes you heard that right!), they cannot fully replace the creative intuition, personalisation and brand-specific narrative that a carefully curated photoshoot offers. The art of the photoshoot is not dead; it has evolved alongside new technologies and tools, offering graphic designers unique opportunities to elevate their work and create truly distinctive and memorable visual experiences!

Here at Fresco we’ve art directed countless photo and video shoots. From quoting, scouting location, selecting talent, hiring photographers, writing shot lists based on the client brief, art directing, photo editing and then preparing images for either print or digital environments we’ve done it all! If you’d like to know how to elevate your brand by using custom photography vs stock image libraries get in touch with us today.