How can a brilliantly designed company newsletter boost your business? 

You can think of a thoughtfully designed company newsletter as a booster shot for your business! It can expand your customer network and keep existing customers firmly in your corner! 

A well-designed company newsletter provides an opportunity for your business to contact its customer base. It gives you a reason to reach out to existing clients as well as to potential new ones! 

An engaging and professionally designed company newsletter can boost company productivity! 

So, you may be asking yourself what are some of the advantages of creating an amazing company newsletter? 

Repeat Advertising 

It is well established that repeat advertising is a strategy that increases sales. Studies show that a potential customer of a product must be exposed to it several times before a decision to purchase is made. A regular newsletter is a great way to keep business products and services at the forefront of customer minds. 

Targeted Messaging 

Well-designed company newsletters can be carefully tailored and modified for different segments of your client base keeping your message targeted and relevant. 


Company newsletters can grow long-term relationships with customers through weekly or monthly contact that ultimately leads to increased trust in a brand. Newsletters are perfect for building your credibility and establishing your authority in the marketplace. 

Brand Performance 

As newsletters reach a wide audience via email lists, they provide a great way for analysing customer engagement. Most platforms have built-in analytics showing things such as how many emails are opened and the amount of traffic visiting your website. These statistics provide excellent insight to your brand’s performance. 

Increased Sales 

Professionally designed newsletters that include quality content encourage your customers to react to calls-to-action resulting in increased sales. 

Cost-effective Communication 

With the worldwide popularity of email, it makes sense to invest in an amazingly well-designed newsletter to take advantage of the opportunities email provides—a cost-effective way of contacting a potentially huge audience to let them know about your special deals, new products and services, and other business news. 

Easily Read 

Most marketing companies agree that newsletters are an easy way for people to engage with company information. Newsletters are a familiar marketing tool and with the right professional design information contained within them is simple to interpret for new and existing customers. 

Morale Booster 

For larger businesses with several employees a professionally designed internal newsletter can encourage positive thinking and boost staff morale. Newsletters provide an opportunity to communicate important company announcements, highlight staff performances, reinforce common goals, and inform staff of fun upcoming social events. 

If you have a company newsletter that needs revamping, or maybe you’re considering starting a regular company newsletter to boost sales or strengthen employee morale, then Fresco Creative can help! Visit us at here and let’s start designing!