Home Builder: Kaplan Homes – Rebrand

February 14, 2018

FRESCO_WEBSITE_BeforeAndAfter_Kaplan_After_1200pxW - Kaplan Homes Logo Refresh Before

Project overview

Kaplan specialises in providing home and land packages and have the unique positioning of providing all their inclusions as part of their package as opposed to charging for costly add-ons. Kaplan approached Fresco to update their existing outdated logo and refresh their brand assets. As part of this refresh Fresco also created a positioning statement for Kaplan to leverage all design work from. It was important that the logo was evolved as opposed to being completely re-invented as we didn’t want to disenfranchise Kaplan’s current client base.

Briefing and research

We extracted a full brief from Kaplan Homes and commenced a research phase to get a good understanding of their competitors, design trends in their industry and best and worst design approaches in similar new home and land providers. With that in mind we set out re-styling the logo.

The old logo was black and red and with 3d shine effects, it was not conveying the premium nature of the products on offer. When we design or refresh a logo we consider symbolism, visual association, printing options and limitations, colour psychology and typographic meaning. For this logo we created a custom typeface and from approval, rolled out a full suite of logo files for our clients including CMYK, Pantone, RGB, black only, white only, greyscale and files for web use like JPG, PNG and SVG files.

For the Kaplan website, we researched different sites including competitors to ensure the Kaplan site was the the most impactful, effective and functional. Once we had locked in the logo brand assets and had undertaken the research for the website we started work on creating a colour palette and graphic style for Kaplan that would be rolled out onto the wide range of marketing material  required – this was where the brand really started to come alive!

Rollout and development

Once the graphic style was established we engaged a copywriter to write all the publications from the bullet points supplied to us from the client. We also organised a 2 day photoshoot of the various display homes and inclusions (fixtures and fittings) for the website and the brochures that were being written. We designed a 24 page inclusions brochure that featured a series of icons to represent “inclusions” and “optional add-ons” and a 6pp Roll Fold Price List Brochure which featured 4 maps of the various display home locations. We then designed a series of Fact Sheets and an overarching concept for press advertising. We devised a media plan and booked the ads in print and online.

Web development and production

Once we had established a design for the website, we handed it over to the developer to work up. We worked with them to troubleshoot any issues and make adjustments to the design. Once it was ready to roll we made it responsive and it went live. http://www.kaplanhomes.com.au/