Everything you need to know about SEO

There is a lot of confusion surrounding SEO, everyone seems to aware of it and its importance but not many can tell you exactly what it is and how to do it effectively. Simply put, SEO is what you do to ensure that your website will appear when users search for things online that relate to your website or business. Copywriting for SEO is how to write in a way that appeals to your intended audience whilst also being optimized for search engines.

There is a lot that plays into SEO, however, Google’s ranking algorithm outlines that the most important factor in your businesses online ranking is other people, success lines the trustworthiness of your site, the number of shares your site receives and the number of quality links your page features. Therefore, successful SEO copywriting is all about producing consistent, unique, good quality content that centres around specific key words that readers are likely to promote on their social platforms. Increasing your notoriety and therefore increasing your relevance online.

The Six Key Elements of SEO

  1. Content

Your content should tell and story, make it relevant, unique and informative but above all it needs to be share worthy and consistent.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

53% of all website traffic in 2018 was mobile and that number is expected to rise exponentially in 2019 and this plays a huge part in your SEO ranking. It seems to be a matter of do or die when it comes to debating a mobile friendly business as more and more users become mobile only users.

  1. Site Speed

It all comes down to user experience, and a 1 second delay in loading time results in 20% fewer page views. Don’t expect users to wait it out, they will leave, Google Toolbar (Googles load time measuring system) will take note and your ranking will plummet. Your site is part of your brand and you don’t want to give users the wrong impression straight off the bat.

  1. Meta Description

The first taste of your article lies in the meta description and it plays a huge part in whether or not a user will click through. This is the time for keywords to shine, searchers are determined, they don’t have time to mess around and if what they are looking for is not mentioned in your meta description they won’t bother with further exploration. Whilst meta descriptions don’t directly affect SEO they greatly affect click through rates which are directly linked to website rankings and SEO.

  1. Keyword Frequency

A large chunk of SEO revolves around keywords, do your research and select a popular keyword that will draw the right people to your site for the right reasons. Your article needs to centre around this word, it should be in your heading, URL, and meta description. With that said do not overuse it in your article as well, as google will pick up on it and this will have the opposite effect on your rankings.

  1. Page Links

Links indicate to google that your website is of high quality. Sites with more backlinks often rank higher.

Long story short It all boils down to consistency and highly targeted content centred around key word searches. If SEO confuses you and SEO copywriting even more so, give Fresco Creative a call on 02 8116 9033 and let’s chat.