Does good graphic design date?

Good graphic design possesses a timeless quality that allows it to remain relevant and
impactful, even as design trends evolve. While certain design elements and styles may go
in and out of fashion, the fundamental principles of good graphic design, such as balance,
contrast, alignment and harmony, remain constant. Designs that adhere to these principles
tend to have a timeless appeal, making them immune to the passage of time. Classic
examples include logos like the Coca-Cola emblem or the Nike swoosh, which have retained
their effectiveness and recognition for decades.

Time and place

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that some graphic design work can be influenced by
specific time periods and cultural contexts. For instance, designs from the Art Deco movement
of the 1920s or the psychedelic aesthetics of the 1960s are often associated with those
particular eras. While these designs might be considered dated in a contemporary context,
they still hold historical and artistic value. In the realm of commercial design though, it’s crucial
for businesses and brands to strike a balance between following current trends and aiming for

The digital age

With the digital age, the pace of design trends has accelerated, leading to quicker turnovers
in popular styles. This rapid evolution can make designs rooted in a specific trend feel
outdated sooner. However, graphic designers who focus on creating work based on enduring
principles, rather than fleeting trends, can produce designs that withstand the test of time.
Additionally, adapting traditional design principles to modern technology and mediums allows
designers to create fresh, innovative work that remains relevant.

While certain graphic designs may be influenced by specific time periods and trends, the
essence of good graphic design does not inherently date. Designs that prioritise fundamental
principles, creativity and adaptability can continue to resonate with audiences across
generations. As long as designers balance current trends with timeless elements, their work
can maintain its relevance and impact, ensuring that good graphic design remains timeless in
its essence.

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