Designing your property brand identity—where do I start?

Most companies, including property companies, are usually good at defining their ‘product’ brands according to the Harvard Business Review. They are less confident when it comes to their ‘corporate’ brand and defining what their parent company’s name represents, and how it is thought of in the marketplace!

So, what is a property brand identity?

A property brand identity is so much more that just the visual expression of a logo. It incorporates every aspect that distinguishes it from other competitors. According to the New Zealand Government’s online resource for small business, the “gut feeling your customers have about your business comes from your name, advertising slogans, design, and what it’s like to do business with you.” All experiences that a customer has contributes to your property brand identity.

Building a strong property brand identity will put you on a journey that will lead to potentially one of the most valuable assets your company will have. Typically, brand identities are more enduring than any individual marketing campaign and should be given top priority when it comes to design and development!

How do you build a property brand identity?

When it comes to property brand identity, or any other company brand identity, business experts often point to the use of a grid of nine questions. They refer to these questions as the ‘brand identity matrix’. The idea behind the design of the ‘brand identity matrix’ is the incorporation of three ‘looking inward’ questions, three ‘looking outward’ questions, and three questions that are a mix of internal and external questions.

At this point, you might be interested in knowing a little more about the nine questions of the ‘brand identity matrix’ recommended by business experts, and how these can be applied throughout the creative process when designing your property brand identity? The New Zealand Government’s online resource for small business lists the 9 questions that make up the ‘brand identity matrix’, and these will assist in the development of your property brand identity, or any other company brand!

Brand Identity Matrix

Inward looking questions

  1. What engages us (mission), what is our direction and inspiration (vision)?
  2. What are our attitudes—how do we work and behave?
  3. What are we particularly good at?

Outward looking questions

  1. How do our key offerings appeal to our customers and partners?
  2. How should we relate to key customers and partners?
  3. What’s our intended position in the market?

Mix of inward and outward questions

  1. What is distinctive about the way we communicate?
  2. What core values sum up our brand?
  3. Which human characteristics or qualities form our business character?

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