Amazing property brochures—design tips that will help your property brochure shine! 

Everyone has no doubt experienced the feel of that luxuriously glossy property brochure delivered direct to their mailbox. 

Maybe you have kept a property brochure presented at an ‘open for inspection’—marvelling at the amazing imagery, enjoying the sensation of the high-quality paper, enjoying the smell of fresh printer’s ink! 

Amazingly well-designed property brochures have the power to spark our imagination leading us on a journey of ‘dreaming what could be’! 

Property brochures are a key part of real estate marketing. They are seen as an essential ingredient whether it be promoting a new property development or the sale of existing real estate. 

According to, Kate Farrelly, of Domain Marketing Hub the key to success in selling properties are the conversations that happen behind the scenes. An excellently designed property brochure can help get that important background dialogue happening! 

So, what makes a successful new property development brochure or real estate brochure? 

Photography, photography, photography! 

Whether selling off the plan, or offering existing real estate, one of the most important elements of your property brochure design is imagery. Professional, high-quality photographs that are produced using the latest technology are the key to engaging with potential buyers! Using poor imagery in property brochure design can convey ideas of sloppy construction or poor property maintenance. 

Location, location, location! 

Most people would agree that one of the top considerations when purchasing property is location! A well-designed property brochure should include a high-quality, easy-to-read map. A good designer will ensure that maps are at an appropriate scale and match the property brochure’s overall layout. 


A good graphic designer will spend time making sure that your property brochure includes content that is top quality! Property brochures can rely too heavily on lists of property features. Lists of features whether relating to a new property development or existing property do not engage on an emotional level. Whilst they are a necessary component of well-designed property brochures, many real estate companies recommend combining this with content relating to benefits! Elaborating on certain positive aspects of a property will add a personal touch to your property brochure. 

The Floor plan 

Well-designed property brochures should include a floor plan! A floor plan is essential for people receiving your property brochure so they can understand size. It engages them in deeper thinking around things such as imagining how their furnishings may fit. Without the dimensions provided by a floor plan you could risk losing buyer interest. No floor plan in your property brochure design equals a missed opportunity to engage buyers in deeper thinking about your property or property development project. 


Professional graphic designers make sure they include your company logo and contact details in your property brochure design. Whilst the aim of the property brochure is to showcase the property or new property development project it is important that your company is easily identifiable too! Include company colours, logos, and any other design features you would normally use in your communications through other channels. Using visual cues in your property brochure design subtly conveys your company’s branding providing potential buyers with a sense of familiarity and trust. 

If you are thinking about how to design an effective property brochure for a new property development project or for an existing property then get in touch with us at Fresco Creative