Top 3 Marketing Strategies that Came to Stay in 2019!

2019 has been quite a year for us and the industry. We’re still not seeing flying cars or teleportation devices like “Back to the Future” predicted but the new technology released this year was mind-blowing (and we love it!).

The marketing industry is in constant flux and technologies continue to evolve. As a small company, we need to keep ourselves updated with what’s new, that way we can ensure that not only Fresco but also our clients are ahead of the game.

Not long ago, companies that had gone digital were an exception to the rule, but nowadays, having blogs, social media and working on your SEO is a must-have! The only downside of having so many businesses keeping up with changing industry needs is that we are now faced with a new challenge: How do we differentiate our company in the middle of the digital clutter?

In light of this challenge we wrote a short list of 3 top market trends of 2019 that we believe will grow even larger in scale in the next few years. If you are wanting to be ahead of the game, make sure you read the below!

Artificial Intelligence and Personalisation

Way before companies realised that personalisation leads to ROI, Starbucks had already mastered this strategy by writing the customer’s name on their coffee cups. A small gesture, that has proven over the years that personalisation makes a huge difference.

86% of consumers said that personalisation has some impact on what they purchase, and a quarter admits personalisation ‘significantly influences’ their buying decisions according to a survey by Infosys.

Large organisations invested millions of dollars in this strategy over the past years. Coke released the campaign “Shake a Coke” by replacing its logo with customers’ names in each can and the company saw a rise in sales for the first time in a decade. Netflix hit the jackpot with the personalisation game by customising your watch list and even film covers, which are chosen depending on which actors you are most familiar with.

You may not (yet!) have the budget of Coke or the amount of data that Netflix has, but there are certainly many ways you can personalise your campaigns and make your customers feel special. Simple ideas on how you can implement this strategy is by sending personalised EDM’s with content that you know is valuable to your client. If you are an Investment company, for example, make sure you create different lists where each customer receives different information. If you know that “Mr. Smith” has invested in shares for the past 5 years, inform him about the trades in the market instead of sending him something that is related to property investment. It may sound like a lot of work, but smart segmentation programs can ease up the process.

Many people are still reluctant to accept artificial intelligence tools but from our own experience, they enhance what we already do in the market. At the end of October this year, we released the 2018-19 Annual Report for Teacher’s Mutual Bank which was fully accessible. The technology allows sight challenged readers to read the complete document, hear descriptions from pictures and receive equal access to information that is available to most of us.

Annual Report Teachers Mutual Bank 2019

Green Marketing

Our society is more concerned and aware of environmental issues than ever before. Millennials which are probably a large group of your target audience, hold a very different view of the world compared to previous generations. Millennials seek meaning, lean towards environmental initiatives and are prepared to pay more or make personal sacrifices to make an impact on subjects that they genuinely care about.

 A research study has shown that “9 in 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause”

If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, we suggest that you start acknowledging the impact you are causing in the environment and find ways to minimise this and make your company more sustainable. Companies that take action on this issue and start to practice sustainabily, will build brand loyalty in the long term. Advertising your business purpose instead of profit and being transparent with your customers can be a game-changer over the coming years.

When it comes to sustainable practices, we are proud to say that we have partnered up with responsible companies to produce their design work. This year, Fresco was delighted to design the annual report for Australian Impact Investment, a specialist consulting firm that provides advice to clients seeking to mobilise capital to create positive environmental and social impact alongside financial value.

The 28 page report was printed on 100% Recycled paper on plant-based ink (soy) – a practice that we are trying to encourage with all our clients.

Australian Impact Report 2019


“Online adults spend an average of 7.2 hours per week online reading and watching content.”

It’s not new that content creation is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy, but even if are already doing this, you need to learn how to refine and master it! As mentioned, every business is now writing blogs and sending EDM’s, so the secret is to find a gap in the market and differentiate yourself. Educational content with valuable information about your product or industry can determine whether your customer will buy your product or the competitors. Think about what questions or concerns they have or which problems they need to solve and explain how your product can help them to do that.

One of our biggest clients, Kaplan Homes, is an expert when it comes to content. The new website designed and built by Fresco is not only user friendly and engaging but also very informative with its relevant content. In all of their brochures and social media posts, Kaplan talks about the inclusions each client can receive and how the houses are built. Educational content not only shows transparency but makes the relationship between you and the client transparent and authentic.

Website Design Sydney

We hope these practices continue to evolve and that in 2020 we can keep helping business clearly communicate their message to their customers through educational digital content and sustainable print designs.

If you need experienced and razor sharp creatives to look after your brand, give us a call or send us an e-mail on

We look forward to helping your business thrive in 2020!