The Visual Content You Need to Be Creating to Have an Impact Online

There is so much content online these days it can be hard not to get lost in the noise, finding ways to stand out online is a challenging task, however there are some sure-fire ways to get noticed. Visual content stands out from the crowd in that it offers something new, rather than words on a page that are easy to scroll past, no matter how good those words are, visuals steal focus. You might be saying the same thing as everyone else, but make it look good and you’ll be the one consumers are talking about.

Listed below are 8 types of visual content that are proven to get people interested and boost brand engagement if executed correctly and consistently:

  • Video: Quick, branded, engaging, informative and memorable.
  • Photographs: Attention grabbing, high quality, branded photographs of every aspect of your business.
  • Feature a Prominent Call to Action: Tell people what to do and how to do it.
  • Branded Quote Cards: Must reflect / relate to your brand identity and values.
  • Infographics: a great way to breakdown data and overly confusing statistics related to your industry.
  • Ask Questions online: Encourage people to engage with your brand, show that you value their opinion.
  • Screen Shots: whether it be highlighting a positive review from one platform to share it on another or to pick fun at another brand (respectfully) taking and sharing screenshots is a great way to show your paying attention.
  • Top Tips: Q/As, how-to’s and life hacks are highly engaging forms of visual content that can make a brand more approachable and relatable.

If you’re interested in spicing up your online content by exploring any of the above or you just simply want to know more, give Fresco Creative a call today on (02) 8116 9033 and let’s see what we can do.