The Star Entertainment Group’s commitment to best practice Sustainability performance saw the Group transition to an online only dedicated Sustainability Report for the first time in 2021. Fresco was commissioned to undertake this extensive 100 page report that featured data heavy content that needed to be broken down to user friendly readability in the way of incorporating imagery, iconography and tabled information. The report’s objective was to provide accurate, well messaged and clear performance information as well as increasing discussion content, examples and case studies that created a positive engagement with stakeholders and team members. Some of the challenges involved were creating easy-to-follow infographics from complex content, formulating consistent table design that allowed for simple, small tables as well as large tables that ran over multiple pages, content being received in a staggered format over multiple communication streams and working on a large scale document that needed to cover a vast array of information in a way that was cohesive, precise and visually interesting. We received very positive feedback from the team at The Star!

“The team is thrilled with the updates, and revised pages.” – Nehad, The Star Entertainment Group