The Choc Pot, brings a fun and playful twist to classic dessert favourites. The Choc Pot is a well loved dessert bar in Burwood, Chatswood, Rosebery, Canterbury and the Sydney CBD who make all their treats from scratch and use only the best ingredients. They came to Fresco and asked us to design labels for their ‘take home’ range – to be sold in store. We developed a ‘cheeky’ graphic style for their Salted Caramel, Drinking Soil and Nutty Choc Praline Spread labels. We have also developed box designs for their ‘Fudge Me’ DIY Choc Fudge Brownie Mix, with a drippy chocolate theme that makes them impossible not to buy! The third set of products are able to be put straight in the oven and come out as individual puddings.