In addition to preparing the Annual Report each year, Fresco Creative designed the bank’s first Modern Slavery Statement in 2021 (with another commissioned in 2022) and their Reconciliation Action Plan in 2022. 

We designed the Modern Slavery Statement in a way that tied in to the Bank’s Annual Report (which we have been designing since 2016) but to suit it appearing online as a digital PDF we went with a hybrid layout – a single page structure that could also be viewed in spreads. We prepared infographics and used icons and imagery to bring this publication to life.

Then in 2022, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited and Fresco Creative worked together to prepare a Reconciliation Action Plan. This document was the first of it’s kind for the Bank. The current Chair of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited’s board was instrumental in establishing an Acknowledgement of Country across NSW public schools and so the RAP was close to the heart of the leadership and was highly anticipated.

“Wow! I’m blown away! This is so beautifully designed. You have done justice to the artwork and represented our brand.” and “I’ve had so much amazing feedback on the design! You’re so talented! It is certainly the most beautiful RAP I have seen.” – Nat, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited