Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) is in the process of changing its name to Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (SIAA) to better reflect the roles and responsibilities of their members. They wanted to distinguish their members from Financial Planners/Advisers and create a logo design that portrayed their key values of knowledge, expertise and professionalism. We came up with a concept that features an icon and typography and builds on the metaphor of radar. The teal wedge is representative of a radar scanning segment – say, an investment advisor or stockbroker looking for quality investment opportunities. The blue bands that overlap and extend beyond the teal wedge are symbolic of sound investments that have been identified by a professional stockbroker or investment adviser – highlighting the value and skill involved in identifying a worthwhile investment opportunity. The graphic can also be seen as a curved bar graph symbolising the role that stockbrokers and financial planners have in helping Australian business to grow and perform better each year. We set out to convey their knowledge, expertise and value in the icon and typography.

“The directors all love this final version. Thank you again for all your creative work — we have ended up with a logo that is fresh and contemporary, with a link to our history in the blue. It allows us to go forward with our new name and our new brand. And the new logo and brand really positions us well for this next chapter. It has been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your creative and responsive professionalism.” – Judith, Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association