The Australian Network on Disability (AND) is a national, membership based, for-purpose organisation that makes it easier for organisations to welcome people with disability in all aspects of business. They approached Fresco to create their 2020-21 Annual Report, this report needed to bring to life their achievements from the past year, hoping to engage, inspire and spark action with their readers. Further objectives included; prospecting/marketing tool; an insight into what they do and who they are; a ‘window’ into the organisation; increased awareness of the brands in their network and to celebrate the successes of their network from the past year (June 2020 – June 2021). In conjunction with these requirements the report also needed to communicate their financials in a way that was clear and easy to navigate. Fresco employed the use of infographics and custom iconography to really bring the report to life in an engaging and dynamic way whilst still adhering to the style and brand guidelines supplied. The AND report is a good example of pushing the creative boundaries within the framework of the rules and regulations of a style guide in a way that really speaks to the reader.