Jatcorp Ltd is a swiftly expanding Australian company that specialises in producing distinctive dairy and plant-based health products and supplements. Jatcorp is not only experienced in Australia-Asia FMCG trade but also actively exports to markets like China, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and New Zealand. Their vision is to become one of the premier health and wellness companies in Asia Pacific. Jatcorp approached Fresco to produce their 2022 – 2023 Annual Report that was broken up into five sections and spanned 84 pages. We designed infographics to illustrate complex statistics and highlights and used imagery and large pull-out quotes to break up the dense copy. The financials were highly technical to lay out due to the level of detail, length and need to highlight current year numbers over previous years. We used Jatcorp’s corporate colours of red and navy to highlight various information and the result is a clean, modern and professional Annual Report that was very well received by our client!

“Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to our requests. We look forward to delivering an exceptional final product!” – Cheryl, JatCorp