Euca Consulting work with companies that have been acquired by private equity firms to help transition them into a new ownership model, with vastly different expectations and ways of working. They identify key people, processes, systems and use a risk based approach to manage the transition to avoid cost and distraction and maximise the value of the acquisition. They approached Fresco with the task of overhauling their existing logo design and website. We refined the eucalyptus leaf motif and introduced a new colour palette that evoked the company’s core values of professionalism and integrity. We also update the font to be modern and clean. Once this was approved we then dived into the website redesign. The client wanted to keep the same information but Fresco added visual interest by introducing various icons and using large sweeping hero images of stylised eucalytpus leaves. We added an insights page which will be an evolving page that Euca will upload interesting articles for clients to download.

“Thanks for these, I think there are some really strong options here. It is neat and clear to read, and the colours work well together.  I think it looks professional and will work well on written material as well.” – Peter, Euca Consulting