How to Stay Connected and Keep Sales Happening

Without a doubt COVID-19 has required every business big and small to rethink their sales and marketing strategy and act fast in taking up new initiatives! As a small design and advertising agency, Fresco, has had to restructure on how we do business and now more than ever we are focussed on being customer centric in an authentic and supportive way. The team at Fresco have really focussed on staying connected, with each other and with our clients. Part of our restructure has been to educate ourselves and our client base on getting through this challenging and constantly changing landscape. One fantastic source for us has been Business Chicks Masterclass series which is offered to their premium members. These free webinars have provided us with both a tonne of inspiration and great practical advice. Below is a brief outline of the gold we gleaned from their Webinar on staying connected to clients and keeping the sales wheel turning even in these uncertain times.

1 – Don’t stop selling

Don’t let all the current uncertainty freeze all your sales efforts. Your clients need your service and help more than ever, it’s important to think how your unique service or product can help each client on an individual basis. What are the positive outcomes you can provide to your clients during this time and how can you ensure that you adapt the conversation to the new scenario of Covid so its relevant and useful? Make sure you stay connected to your clients so they feel supported by you and your service. Share your favourite customer success story with your followers to help inspire and keep the tone positive.

2 – Pivot

Pivot is the current COVID-19 buzz word for businesses, but what does it actually mean? In essence it’s the speedy 360 turn around in your business or service to support your clients in the current crisis. It could mean a complete rethink of what you can do or provide for your clients in the current climate, ie: suddenly an organic body lotion company is providing hand sanitiser, or an event manager is providing virtual tours and events. It’s important that you don’t plan too much as this is not the time to be a perfectionist, time is of the essence. Be quick! Consider what the problems your target market is facing now, how can you help them? Can you share any of your resources with them?

3 – Collaborate

In times like these giving some thought to which businesses you can approach now to discuss a collaboration can be the difference between surviving this crisis or thriving. Which businesses target the same customers that you do, how could you turn a competitor into a collaborator? Which ones are complimentary to your business?

4 – Community

Something that we should all being giving some thought to is how do we can proactively add value to the community right now? People will remember and remain loyal to those who were there for us! Be there for your customer and community during this crisis by sharing with them relevant information. Helping wherever you can and getting as personal as possible (videos are great for this). As businesses we need to not only look at the present but prepare for when we all come through this period. Supporting your clients and customers in the now is always going to pay off in the future when you are ready to jump back into your business as usual.

5 – Online sales funnel

Going digital has suddenly become a necessity for all businesses, whether it’s a Zoom meeting, a virtual tour or an information webinar. By using a digital platform you can illustrate to your customer and client base that you are a trusted expert in your field. Some mediums here could be; E-books, online consulting, Instagram lives, videos etc.

When communicating to your client base think about what are the stepping stones for people to try your product or service before they buy it/commit so you can formulate your strategy. What do you already have in place that you can tweak and use for another purpose? I.e – if you have a presentation, can you then do a webinar? If you have a blog article, can you create a newsletter? Make sure you repurpose your past marketing material to save you time and increase your reach.

6 – Nurture

Nurturing your clients and customers has always been important but now it’s essential. Make sure you follow up with your clients and when you do, make sure you offer something that can assist them. Continue to check-in in respectfully and ask for a good time for you to follow up so that you are fitting in with their schedules and not badgering them.

It’s important not to try to initiate all the strategies that’s been mentioned above. I would recommend choosing 2 (max 3) goals from the above! That way you will create a strategy that is sustainable and that you can consistently work on over the next couple of weeks. It may sound twee but it’s also important to stay positive and to offer inspiration to your client and customer base! We will come through this and when we do you want to be the business that has been at the forefront of your clients mind as having their back during this period, this will keep you in good stead for the future.