The Value of Using a Creative Agency During a Challenging Time

May 4, 2020

Without a doubt we are all facing very strange and challenging times. Businesses of all type and size have been impacted in one way or another. Some companies have been forced to rethink their entire structure and “pivot” in record time. Others are using this strange limbo period (where projects have been suspended until more certain times) to refocus and work on instead of in their business, and more specifically on their brand. This is a smart move. Using this time as an opportunity to take a long hard look at how your business is positioned will keep you in good stead when industry opens up again. This is where a creative agency can be a real asset and an investment, preparing us for the future when we come out of this challenging time.

As business owners and leaders, we all know that it’s important to set time aside to step back and look at the big picture, especially when it comes to strategy and how you are running your business. In our “business as usual” model we are often too frantic maintaining client deadlines and ticking off our ever growing daily to do list to be able to take this time. This immersion in the day to day running of the business means we are too narrowly focussed to be able to identify opportunities and resolve problems and so it’s often very helpful to have a fresh set of skilled eyes looking at your business and taking in the “wide view”. A broad perspective is so important when it comes to your brand/identity and how you are communicating your product and service to your customer base.

A creative agency is skilled at being able to look at your brand and identify whether you are positioning yourself in the marketplace as you intended to, ensuring that you are effectively communicating and resonating with your target audience. There is real value in building a strong relationship with a reputable agency, below are some of the key advantages;

  1. A Fresh Set of Eyes – Often business owners have become “set” in old outmoded ways of thinking about their business. Either they simply haven’t had the time to give their brand much thought or they are stuck in the headspace of its always been done like that” or “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I’ve found the longer the business has been around usually the harder it is to instigate change. This is where a fresh perspective can really shake things up, innovate and creatively problem solve. Involving an agency in the conversation about your brand can really shift and move your business forward in unexpected ways.
  2.  Expertise and Experience – A creative agency understands the value of looking at your brand strategically. Undertaking a brand audit with an agency and going through the process of strategically positioning your business is an investment for the long term. After this process you will have a relevant, meaningful brand that will have longevity and impact. Your messaging will be clear and concise and ultimately will express and contribute towards your business objectives. Agencies have tried and tested processes in place that ensure that they can drill down to the essence of your brand and messaging, understand your target market and how to connect and build loyalty and know how to communicate across all suitable marketing mediums in the most effective way.
  3.  Problem Solving – Agencies love to problem solve, the ability to look at the current challenges your business is facing and then come up with clever solutions and initiatives are all part of the creative process and is what makes creatives tick! What’s more agencies are agile and nimble, meaning that they are able to identify opportunities within the challenges quickly, break out of stale outmoded ways of communicating and create a new way forward. Using your brand to inspire trust and connect to your customers and clients through new and innovative ways can mean the difference between surviving or thriving within the current economic climate.


“There will be interruptions, and I don’t know when they will occur, and I don’t how deep they will occur, I do know they will occur from time to time, and I also know that we’ll come out better on the other end” — Warren Buffett


We are experiencing very strange times, that’s for sure. In saying that in every crisis there is an opportunity and for all of us business owners, CEOs and company leaders the real opportunity that’s presenting itself to us in the now lies in a departure from “business as usual”. We all need to refocus on innovating, problem solving and creativity within the business itself. We all need to be nimble and agile in confronting current challenges. That’s where a skilled creative agency can help, by empowering your business branding and getting you ready for when the time comes to return to a more stable business environment!

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