Getting the most out of your digital strategy

Creating and maximising online campaigns has become a real focus in our studio over the last few years. Just like not having a website 10 years ago was considered professional suicide, not having an online campaign in place can have a strong negative impact on your business success. So where to start, and what exactly is online marketing? In a nutshell online marketing encompasses all the various digital channels that are now available to get your message out there. This includes (but isn’t limited to) websites and SEO, Adwords campaigns, e blasts, social media, email marketing and banner advertising.

As with most things in life and business developing a strategic plan to map out goals and objectives is integral for a successful outcome. So it is with creating your digital online campaign. Like more traditional forms of advertising, digital promotion and advertising can yield real and tangible results in a company’s success, if handled intelligently and strategically. This is mostly due to how quickly and extensively your message is able to be transmitted to an audience. Global reach is not only possible but a given with digital marketing. There are several key areas which need to be covered to ensure you are maximising your campaign, not least ensuring your content is relevant and makes an emotional connection and that you are connecting to your audience consistently through multiple digital channels in ways that support and reinforce your messaging.

Planning as the first major area of focus includes; setting out both short term and long term goals, a possible budget and a planned schedule for the processes involved with the creation and production of a marketing campaign to the final presentation and delivery.

Questions that need to be addressed during this initial planning phase to optimise success are:

How do we undertake this task?

What channels do we want to present our campaign on?

What unique methods can we utilise in difference to our competitors?

What are our strengths?

What’s the main message we want to communicate?

What are our end goals?

Jayson Demyers, founder and CEO of ‘Audiencebloom” named some of these important key areas that need to be considered as: Personal Branding, different forms of Content Marketing, considering Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation (what consumers can do once they reach you), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

Utilising these key areas maximise your potential opportunity to reach your audiences and possible clients, but each strategy will vary according to the context of the message, your company, your audience demographic and the overall creative tone of the advertisement.

Trust is also a vital element in your digital campaigns success. Communicating and liaising with an agency you can trust and that has a track record for success with online marketing is ideal. I’ve worked through many successful marketing campaigns for over the last 20 years and one major indicator of a successful campaign is if there is trust and a healthy relationship between the client and ourselves. Trust needs to be earned and can be developed by a constant dialogue between client and agency. This constant analysis, feedback and reporting on each stage of the production process and the constant communication (without badgering, people are busy!!) creates a dynamic and agile campaign that is flexible enough to be adjusted when necessary.

After planning and establishing a positive production process on a campaign and establishing a healthy and productive line of communication between client and agency, there needs to be the final consideration on what are going to be the most effective digital and social channels to gain as much audience viewership as possible within the context of a client’s needs.

To wrap up I’d like to quote Rand Fishkin, founder of MOZ marketing, who states how an agency needs to ask itself one important question during this entire process “where is the company today and where does it want to get to? From there we can identify the most appropriate and necessary channels from all digital and social levels”.

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