5 Reasons WordPress is the Best Choice for your Websites’ Content Management System

One of the very first areas that are scoped out when we begin a new website project is what Content Management System is best for our clients. It’s an area our clients tend to have very little knowledge around, seeing as it is such an important consideration I thought I’d write an article about why we tend to choose WordPress. Often creative digital agencies offer their own CMS solutions however this can be fraught with issues and pitfalls, and something I would NEVER recommend. The safest option is to choose a common CMS option like WordPress. Below are 5 Reasons why Fresco Creative believe this is the best choice for our client’s sites.

1.     It’s Too Easy! WordPress’ whizzy wig, intuitive interface means that it is so easy to use (even my 13-year-old has worked out how to make simple updates). No complicated technology or coding experience required, formatting changes can be made with a simple click of a button. Most of our clients need to update their sites content regularly and have an in-house office manager or a junior secretary who has time to make these simple tweaks to their site. WordPress is perfect in these situations because they don’t need to go back to the original web creators to make these simple updates and tweaks.

2.     It’s Well Loved by Search Engines (especially Google) Clean, simple coding means Google’s web spiders can read and index a site’s content without any issues. Add to this meta tag keyword optimisation, descriptions and titles to each post, image or page and you have yourself one powerful marketing tool.

3.     It’s Free! No need to shell out for pricey complex customised CMS, simply download online and implement. Why waste money on a CMS custom system, far better to allocate those funds to other parts of your marketing budget. Not to mention the trap that you can fall into if you buy into a complex custom CMS that only your original developer can update. What happens if you aren’t happy with that developer, or if they decide to sell up and go snowboarding, like permanently? In a nutshell, you are stuck with them, or with an outdated site that no one else can update (at least not easily or without cost). Never a good idea to limit your options to your website, as this is a project that will need ongoing future maintenance to keep it working properly.

4.     It Can be 100% Customised, no Cookie Cutter Solutions. Often when I suggest WordPress to my clients they’re concerned that they will be left with a site that looks like everyone else’s. This simply isn’t the case, when you use WordPress you can completely customise the look and feel so your unique branding is front and centre. WordPress comes with thousands of themes that can be customised easily and quickly, this means you have a choice in creating a well-designed layout unique to your brand as effectively as a fully customised site.

5.     It Has a Blog Function Built-in and Ready to Go. With all my clients I make sure they are well aware of the importance of having a blog on their site where they are posting regularly. Not only is this going to be a great help to their organic SEO ranking but it will allow them to connect with their customers in an authentic way and helps to position them as an expert in their field (if their blogs are relevant and useful that is). Not to mention a blog makes a site overall more dynamic and engaging (therefore attractive) to customers.

I should make a note that WordPress is not always the best solution for some of our larger clients who have dedicated in-house people to manage their sites. In some cases, a fully customised site is the best path and onsite training to manage the site into the future works extremely well. In saying that though, we have found that a customised WordPress site is the best solution for roughly 80% of our clients looking to build and manage their own website.

If you’re needing a new website which you’re wanting to maintain and manage yourself then WordPress is definitely our recommendation. If you would like more information on how to get the most out of your site from a marketing perspective then get in touch!

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