Amazing logo designs come from balancing creative intuition, formal skills, and experience!

Most graphic designers would subscribe to the idea that designing a good logo requires huge effort making it necessary for them to dig deep, drawing on intuitive skills, formal skills, and experience to achieve a memorable and timeless design!

According to Smashing Magazine, founded in Germany in 2006 to provide articles to web designers and developers, designing a logo “is the utmost in creative problem-solving”.

American graphic designer, Milton Glaser (1929-2020) is attributed with the quote, “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”.

It may be obvious that most graphic designers are looking to create the ‘wow factor’ for their clients every time, and it is no surprise that this can build pressure on creative processes!

So how do you create the ‘wow factor’ every time? The following tips are a snapshot, just the tip-of- the-iceberg so to speak, a starting point on the journey towards amazing logo design!

  • According to Maggie Macnab’s article for Smashing Magazine Logo design theory, “adding a universal quality to a logo provides the broadest communicative reach”
  • Designers and others involved in creative industries use their intuition throughout the creative process to guide them to successful design solutions
  • Balancing formal qualifications with personal intuition helps designers create logos that have appeal to wider global audiences. Integrating feeling with thinking creates a logo that provides immediate and intuitive connection
  • Engaging the subconscious by using symbols and metaphors in logo design is the recommended optimal way for reaching and holding audience attention that ultimately results in better recall
  • Symbols are processed by us intuitively and immediately and can be thought of as the archetypes of human communication. For example, circles and spheres tend to be readily perceived by the eye as original source. Macnab’s article, referred to earlier in this post, points this out and gives the example that molecules, cells, eggs, seeds, and planets all carry this archaic shape
  • Active research on chosen symbols for logo designs is vital as different cultures have specific interpretations. Designers need to make sure that intended meanings are conveyed accurately across the different cultural contexts that target audiences potentially inhabit
  • It is recommended that simplicity in the way that meaning is defined when designing negative and positive space will lead to more distinct and defined symbolism concepts. Utilising the empty space as well as the filled space optimizes the communication of your logo design
  • Hiring a professional graphic designer to collaborate with you via a client brief ensures your logo design will be unique, original, and memorable. Whilst apps offer free templates there is a risk that familiar template designs may have been used by other companies!

If you are keen to engage with an experienced team of graphic designers to create an amazing logo design for your business, or are interested in revamping your existing logo design, then contact us at Fresco Creative.