The Final 4! Top 10 Golden Rules for Graphic Designers

August 9, 2016

So here we are, the final 4 top Golden Rules for Graphic Designers to ensure their layout work looks polished and professional.

7. Have A Consistent Font Palette

Just like your colour palette you need to choose your fonts carefully. Limit them to a family or set and carefully chose the variations in font based on the mood or emotion they can convey and how they work for your intended audience. I would recommend that 2-3 fonts should be the maximum amount used in a design layout to avoid over complicating the layout. Try to choose fonts that complement each other and your communication to make for a logical and effective design. Ultimately a good font choice will help and assist with establishing hierarchy on how information is communicated and read.

8 Don’t Think Of White Space As Empty Space

Space anywhere is a good thing and it allows people to breathe, think and be… this is the same in design. White space isn’t wasted space it allows the design elements to breathe and to be seen. If used well white space can;

– Have the ability to add something special to your design

– Help put more focus on a specific aspect of your composition

– Balance out your elements

– Add some sophistication to your design

Importantly white space used in a  layout can add meaning to your design without adding in another physical element, this simplicity helps deliver a strong clear message and creative tone.

9 Don’t Follow Design Trends

Designers are often compelled to adopt trends because they make clients happy, it can also be the easy way out as you are not required to innovate, just copy and follow the herd.

Following design trends can be a slippery slope because trends are constantly changing. If you adopt trends too quickly, your brand can come across as inconsistent. If the trend is short-lived, your brand can go from lovable to lame in a matter of months. A well designed layout, brand or identity will have longevity long after trends have moved on or died out. Good design will innovate and be original and be the unique expression of the clients business and or purpose.

10. Stay True to Yourself As A Designer.

Number 10 is to me the most important rule. Design with passion, integrity and purpose. Follow the brief, stay inspired and creatively challenged. The rest will fall into place.

There you have it, my top 10 rules! Whether you are a designer putting together a layout piece or you are a marketing manager proofing your designer’s work I hope these rules have been helpful to you.