The benefits of sticking with your incumbent graphic designer: saving time and stress

In the dynamic world of design, consistency is often key to success. While the temptation to explore new avenues and fresh perspectives is ever-present, there’s something to be said about the value of continuity. One such instance where continuity shines is in sticking with your incumbent graphic designer.

Here’s why we are Fresco Creative think it is a good idea:

Seamless communication

Your incumbent graphic designer knows your brand inside out. They understand your preferences, style guides, and the nuances of your audience. This familiarity streamlines communication processes. There’s no need to start from scratch explaining your vision or iterating through multiple revisions to get it right. With an incumbent, it’s like picking up a conversation where you left off.

Faster turnaround

Time is of the essence in the business world. Working with a familiar designer means they can hit the ground running. They’re already acquainted with your project history, which translates into quicker turnaround times. You don’t have to waste time bringing a new designer up to speed, reducing the lag between concept and execution.

Consistency in branding

Maintaining consistency in branding is crucial for building brand recognition and trust. Your incumbent graphic designer has been instrumental in shaping your brand identity over time. They understand the subtle nuances that make your brand unique. By sticking with them, you ensure that your visual communication remains cohesive across all platforms, reinforcing your brand’s identity in the minds of your audience.

Built-in trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Over time, you’ve built a rapport with your incumbent graphic designer. You trust their judgment, knowing that they have your best interests at heart. This trust eliminates the need for micromanagement and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

Stress reduction

Embarking on the search for a new graphic designer can be a daunting task. There’s the vetting process, negotiating contracts, and the uncertainty of whether they’ll be able to deliver what you envision. By sticking with your incumbent designer, you bypass these stressors altogether. You already have a proven collaborator who understands your needs and delivers consistent results.


While it’s essential to embrace innovation and explore new perspectives, there’s undeniable value in continuity, especially when it comes to graphic design. Sticking with your incumbent graphic designer not only saves you time and stress but also ensures consistency, efficiency, and a seamless collaboration that ultimately benefits your brand’s success. So, before you hit the reset button on your design partnerships, consider the wisdom of sticking with what works. At Fresco Creative we are super proud of the fact that we have so many long standing relationships with our clients. We love the fact that they constantly trust us to be custodians of their brand.