Revolutionising visual storytelling – the magic of motion graphics and animation!

November 27, 2023

In simple terms motion graphics are fragments or pieces of animation that create the illusion of motion or rotation. In multimedia settings motion graphics can be combined with audio for increased impact!

Graphic designers use motion graphics and animation to create artwork for websites and advertising. Their visual storytelling is brought to life through different effects such as lighting and other types of cinematic techniques.

Rasmussen University in the U.S agree that elements such as typography and 2-D imagery have an important role to play in the world of graphic design whilst also recognising the importance of motion graphics. Designing motion graphics requires understanding of “points in 3-D space, lines connecting those points and polygons made up of those lines”. Graphic designers have expertise in this area through their use of different modelling programs.

According to Spencer Barnes, associate professor working in communication & media studies at the University of North Carolina, motion graphics can be described as a “continuous sequence of animated typography, animated 2D and 3D computer generated imagery, and live action footage that have been composited together, output to a digital file format, and displayed in a mediated environment”.
Barnes elaborates further that a motion graphic “is a hybrid temporal composition that consists of plates or image layers housing typography, graphic elements, image sequences, computer generated imagery, and live action footage”.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences highlights that motion graphics are used in graphic design to set abstract elements, text, or objects into motion on screen to enhance audience understanding of different concepts.

How do motion graphics and animation revolutionise storytelling?

• Motion graphics and animation revolutionise storytelling through layering of different elements, integration of different objects, and ability to transform complex ideas into simple, visually pleasing formats

• Large amounts of information can be more easily digested by audiences using animation and motion graphics

• Tedious and chunky blocks of information can be made more palatable using imagination and playfulness

• Animation gives graphic design artists the freedom to sketch and create characters, put various frames together, and use different backgrounds to create an atmosphere of motion enhancing emotional connection

• With the rise of AI, and virtual reality expected to become more dominant in the coming decades, the possibilities for motion graphics are continuing to expand

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