Fresco Creative was tasked with refreshing the branding for Sargood on Collaroy during the COVID-19 temporary resort shut-down. The resort is a fully accessible beachside holiday destination for people with Spinal Cord Injury and their families. We recreated their Style Guide, creating clear, concise and consistent branding guidelines – this helped the Advertising ‘match’ the Brochure and so forth across all their branded collateral. The problem they were finding was that as a luxury resort funded by NDIS they required a delicate combination of aesthetics so as to appeal to all aspects of their target demographics’ requirements – part luxury holiday resort and part trustworthy, highly specialised clinical facility – Fresco used our experience with branding to create the right balance that would be appropriate for both aspects of the organisation. As part of the Style Guide Fresco created designs for a wide range of collateral for the resort, ready for it’s grand re-opening post-COVID. We also prepared a comprehensive Social Media strategy for Sargood on Collaroy including branded tiles to scatter through their Instagram feed.

“Thanks to the team for the great work. We are very much enjoying working with Fresco.” – Trudy, Royal Rehab