The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation (POWHF) is a not-for-profit organisation that fundraises to support the work of The Prince of Wales Hospital. Fresco has been working with this not-for-profit foundation for several years. Recently they accepted a one-off opportunity to create a new logo and colour palette pro-bono. Afterwards they realised they needed more practical and user-friendly rollout guidance to harness the new brand and apply it consistently across all collateral.

We stepped in and created full brand guidelines to provide them with detailed instructions and a clear bird’s-eye-view of their new brand. We put together comprehensive instructions to assist POWHF’s internal and external teams to apply new brand both correctly and consistently. The brand guidelines provided guidance on logo usage, typography, colour palette, the creation and use of shapes and graphic elements, photography rules and icons.

We then showed and explained designs for stationery, branded digital documents and ads, newsletters, multi-page publications, posters, pullup banners, invitations (which could be cropped into social tiles) and tone of voice. Each piece of collateral had guidance on tone – for example, the Impact Report being more corporate and clinical vs. Appeals and Newsletters being donor-facing and therefore more emotive and nurturing. 

A few years ago we also created a one-off design style for the Prince of Wales Hospital’s 160th year on the Randwick site. We developed a logo for this occasion, including lockups with various other logos, silk banners to line the streets of Randwick and a 15 metre long History Wall to celebrate. 

“The Foundation team has been working with Fresco for many years and are always amazed at the beautiful end results. The staff at Fresco has been incredibly patient with last minute changes and has shown great tenacity during lengthy review processes to bring our collateral to fruition. Their eye for detail and design always results in professional looking collateral helping us increase brand awareness and perception.” – Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation