In 2003 the marketing manager of Harris Farm approached Fresco Creative to help them undertake a rejuvenation of their identity. Harris Farm has been steadily growing since 1980 and is now considered one of the market leaders in fruit and vegetable with retail stores throughout NSW. HFM needed to refresh their identity, communicate the essence of their product and develop a strong and consistent brand. A couple of years later, Fresco Creative further developed the HFM brand to reflect the rapid growth and development of the stores nationwide including their expansion into grocery, butcher, deli and liquor lines. With a strong focus by Fresco on reflecting Harris Farm’s unique selling point, a strong consistent brand identity has been established, successfully raising HFM’s profile. We arranged the media buying for all their press ads in newspapers and magazines, with the capability of sending out artwork for numerous ads daily. We also developed numerous packaging designs for their jams, tins, meat and poultry products and bottled water and illustrated in-store wall graphics like the one pictured above.

What our clients say…

“Fresco Creative has handled our advertising and media buying since late 2003. The studio has proven to be very organised and their attention to detail and high level of service ensures that all our deadlines are met and that we receive the best deals from publications. Dealing with publications can be frustrating and time consuming, we trust Fresco to handle all the dealings with publications on our behalf. Based on the relationship we have built over the years we decided to entrust Fresco with our advertising rejuvenation. We needed to bring our image up to the same high standard as our service and product. We were thrilled with the result; Fresco interpreted our brief with creativity and expertise. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an agency to handle their advertising and media buying and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Harriet Harris — Marketing Manager, Harris Farm

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