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October 11, 2016

Last Friday Louise and I attended a one day forum that promised to “take your dream from start line to start-up and from established to exponential”. It didn’t full flat on its promise!

It was a great day, jam pack with inspirational, talented speakers, serving up a practical guide for each phase of the impending entrepreneurial journey. Even though we have been in our Graphic Design/ Creative Agency business for close to 18 years, its never too late or too long to keep an open mind to learning from some of the most dynamic business founders out there in the market place (ie the co-founders of Airbnb, Xero, Messina, Barre Body and Dimmi to name a few). If the Collective Hub organises another event in a city near you, I urge you to go along, it wont disappoint! To cap off a great day, I won a 10 course degustation dinner at Messina Creative in Darlighurst, my I Quit Sugar diet will just have to wait!