How is Branding more than just a Logo and a Website?

This is a question we get asked a lot from prospective clients who want to engage Fresco in creating a logo and /or a website for them. When we start talking about establishing their brand’s positioning and then developing a suite of brand assets to build their brand identity their eyes tend to glaze over and we get many blank looks.

The truth is your logo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your brand identity. True your logo is the foundation of your brand and will contain all the elements that make up your brand assets like colour palette, typography, iconography etc that will set the creative tone and messaging, but there is so much more to consider.

Your brand is made up of many different channels and elements, all consistent and all reinforcing your product or service’s positioning statement and messaging. The strongest, boldest and most memorable logo is useless if all the other elements of your brand aren’t carried through properly. You and your business will need to employ multiple avenues to get your message out there, these platforms can range from; your business cards, website, social media presence, digital campaigns, printed publications through to media advertising. You and your staff will also be a walking, talking, living, breathing expression and representation of your brand! You should be employing every relevant medium and platform you can to build your brand presence and strength out there in the marketplace.

Sargood on Collaroy Style Guide Design Brand Development Visual Identity Guidelines Colours Fonts Surry Hills Fresco Creative

Sargood on Collaroy Style Guide Design Brand Development Visual Identity Guidelines

So where to start?

Below are 4 points that you will need to cover to ensure your brand is memorable and has relevance and impact.

  1. When thinking about your brand and how to position yourself you need to think about what you want your prospective customers and clients to think of when they hear your name, and the name of your products and services.
  2. What image and thoughts do you want to come to their minds?
  3. Are you making a good impression, and is it the impression that is going to support your business success?
  4. What are you and your business known for? What do you truly excel at, that places you head and shoulders above your competitors?

If you don’t have a firm image of what you and your products and services stand for, then you really need to start here and ask yourself these questions to fully establish your brand and reputation. Remember your branding needs to tell a story, convey an emotion and connect customers to your product and service. Your branding needs to be a complete experience not just pretty pictures and shapes on a page which a logo and website cannot fulfill on their own.

Royal Rehab Advertising - Disability Services - Newsletter

Royal Rehab Advertising – Disability Services – Newsletter

Our clients Royal Rehab are a great example of this. Their branding has helped to position themselves as Australia’s leading provider of rehabilitation and disability services. Their brand image reflects their values and their vision of “a world without limits for people with disability, illness and injury”.

Your logo and website ARE important tools in communicating your brand but they are only two pieces in the puzzle that makes up your entire identity. After all, it takes more than just having a good looking logo and website for your business to build a successful brand!

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