Free Micro-Masterclass in sustainable production

February 1, 2024

We all know that bringing the best design and advertising ideas to life for clients and their target audiences is often resource-intensive, and not intuitively sustainable. Fortunately D&AD has a free micro-masterclass available online which is designed to help you create great designs whilst being as environmentally conscious as possible. This 1 hour course was created in partnership with Green The Bid, an organisation created to inspire and support the advertising industry’s shift to sustainable practices.

1. Welcome to this Micro Masterclass

  • Introduction to Gabi and Green The Bid 
Why Green The Bid started

2. Why

  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Moving towards sustainable productions
  • Opportunities for change and greenwashing
  • How to move beyond greenwashing?
  • Put it into practice

3. Who

  • Who can be involved to work towards sustainable productions
  • Awareness – who are we communicating to and how?
  • Making an impact – what are the things we can shift
  • Put it into practice

4. How

  • Just go do it – how to go about starting change
  • Green Production – a framework
  • How to get it done
  • Find your people
  • Put it into practice
  • What next?

Check out the full course here… and if you need a graphic design studio that designs with sustainability in mind, contact Fresco Creative.