5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Graphic Design Works Best

Outsourcing your graphic designs work not only save money and time, but also ensures that you receive high quality work every time to present your brands.

Having a recognisable, lasting, and strategic brand and supporting graphic design marketing material is extremely important to project your brand into the world. Therefore it’s SUPER crucial to hire a creative agency that has extensive knowledge and expertise in graphic design and brand development. In other words- leave it to the pros to do what they do best, while you focus your time and energy on your business objectives and goals. If this isn’t enough to convince you why outsourcing graphic design works best, maybe our analogies below will.

1. Leave it to the Pros

The process of finding a person to fill the role of inhouse graphic designer can be lengthy and costly. On the other hand, if you choose not to search for a new employee but rather add the design work to the to-do list of an existing employee, meaning they are not a trained graphic designer but have just taken a few quick courses here and there, they will be less likely to deliver the desired results.

You wouldn’t trust a surgeon who had learnt all their medical techniques off the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy, so why should you assign your graphic design work to an employee who took a digital media course in high school. Of course, that might be an exaggeration, but what we really are saying is to outsource the work to a team of professionals with years of experince, rather than giving it to someone who has little or very minimal experience with graphic design. 

2. Save Your Time

Furthermore, the work they produce may not be to an acceptable or appropriate standard, and the process will be elongated by constantly passing the design back and forth with new comments and changes. If you were to outsource your work, these professionals in the field will spend time getting to know both you and your company and your goals from the inside out, before getting to work. That way, they will know how to apply their skills in the most strategic way possible, and chances are you won’t have to make major changes to the work produced.

3. Save Your Money

If your company doesn’t really require a full time graphic designer, but rather needs a creative skillset occasionally, then hiring an in-house graphic designer could an unnecessary   cost. Put it this way, if you only drink wine a couple times a year on special occasions, it wouldn’t really make sense to buy a wine fridge and stock it up with a whole year’s worth of wine. All that money just sitting there and not going to any good use, and even though it’s convenient to have around just in case you change your mind, that money is essentially going towards ‘dead weight.’

In simpler terms, the money could be spent on better things. Instead of hiring a graphic designer and having to pay them as you would an ongoing permanent employee, you can simply outsource your work to an external creative agency for just when you need it.

If you really think about it, over the years as you keep working with the agency’s team of designers, they will begin to feel like a part of your company and family anyway, as you share ideas and experiences as your business grows. That way, although you’ll be paying an outside agency, this large investment in your brand will end up working in your favour, both professionally and relationship wise.

 4. Observe Your Ideas Through Fresh Eyes

As a business and brand owner, you may be overly attached to your company and not able to see it through an objective viewpoint. Without any external input, your graphic design and marketing may not be unique or ‘pop’ enough to sell to your specific audience. Outsourcing your work to a completely objective third party can allow you to bounce your ideas off them, and collaboratively you can expand your perspectives and ideas. Using a creative design agency will give you access to a team of creatives that come from a range of different backgrounds, design disciplines, and industries, this will give your company a range of diverse ideas and skill sets that you may not have even considered.

The old cliché – ‘two heads are better than one’ in this case is so true. Having a dedicated creative team led by a project and account manager and directed by an experienced art director working with a team of designers is always going to trump using a sole designer when it comes to creative output. In the same way that a second opinion is always good with any piece of advice, the same applies to the creative industry and working with a creative team versus an in-house solo designer. In fact, the more heads and diverse creative skill sets there are, the better the outcome.

5. Keep Your Office Space for More Important Elements That Matter!

Having a business is tough. We all know how expensive office space can be, so it is important that we do not take crucial space (physical space and also headspace) if the task can be diverted elsewhere.

By outsourcing your graphic design and marketing material, you can free up a significant portion of your office that would have otherwise gone to multiple computer screens and recycling bins filled to the brim with discarded design drafts. As we say- let the pros do their thing, which is creating high quality strategic designs, so you can do what you know best , that is, focus purely on your business goals and ideals.

To Sum Up

Your branding and graphic design is an extremely important element in conveying your key messaging and communicating brand ideologies. It is vital that the work you put out in the world is professional, impactful, has longevity and cut through. Outsourcing your graphic design to a team of highly qualified creatives, each with their own skill set and talent to contribute to your projects is always going to deliver!

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