5 Reasons to Rebrand in 2021

The break in business as usual last year saw many businesses going back to basics and looking at their own brand identity and how effectively they were communicating to their audience. In 2021 businesses have mostly bounced back and those who invested in additional digital platforms such as social media and digital advertising are set to reap the benefits. If you haven’t looked at your logo and branding and considered whether its time for an update and refresh, the points below can help you make the best decision.

1. Brand Recognition & Awareness
Are consumers familiar with your business? Do they associate your brand with the product you offer? Are they able to recall knowledge of your brand when they see your products, packaging or logo? If the answer to any of these questions causes you concern, a logo refresh or rebrand could be the right step for you. To create brand awareness, it is important to create a reliable brand image, slogan and tagline, all of which can be communicated through a professional and well thought-out logo design.

2. Higher Perceived Value
‘Perceived value’ is the worth that a product or service has in the mind of the consumer. Not only is it imperative that a consumer believes in the value of your brand, but also that they consider it more highly than competing brands or products. Perceived value is key in consumer purchasing decisions. Having a well-designed logo is vitally important for influencing consumer perception of your brand.

3. Confidence & Credibility
Whether you need to set yourself apart from a few or millions of competitors, a logo redesign is an easy way to refresh your image and stand out from the crowd. Design styles are ever-changing and consumers can tell when your branding is looking old or outdated. You don’t want these connotations being passed on to their perception of your business or product. What is visually appealing to your audience is always changing. Thus is it important to keep your logo revitalized, harmonized and matching the style that most appeals to your target market.

4. Your Logo Doesn’t Adapt Well To Modern Media
If your logo was designed years ago, it might not be optimal on a website or on social media platforms. Although your logo might work well in print or on signage, it may not be ideal for online use. Can your logo be scaled up or down and still be easily readable? Does it look good in both colour and in black-and-white? Can you derive an icon from it, for use in say, a mobile app? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time for a new logo design.

5. Your Logo Doesn’t Represent Your Current Business
Most companies evolve over time to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. It’s not uncommon for businesses to start out with one product or service and then to grow or diversify into something quite different. Your logo needs to keep up with the current state of your brand, in order to most effectively and correctly represent your business to your target audience.

If you need help updating your logo and overall branding, we can help. Contact us to show the world what you’re all about and truly capable of in 2021!