What are people talking about in graphic design?

January 11, 2024

In graphic design, there’s always a lively conversation happening around various topics that influence the industry’s direction and creativity. Here are a few prevalent discussions:

Tech Integration

Conversations revolve around how technology, especially AI, AR, and VR, is transforming graphic design. This includes discussions on AI-assisted design tools, the impact of augmented reality on user experience, and the creative possibilities within virtual reality environments.


There’s a growing focus on sustainable design practices. Discussions cover topics like eco-friendly materials, reducing carbon footprints in design processes, and the importance of creating environmentally conscious visuals.

Typography Trends

People are discussing the evolution of typography, particularly the emergence of innovative and experimental font designs. Variable fonts, kinetic typography, and the use of typography as a focal point in designs are popular topics.

Design Accessibility and Inclusivity

Conversations highlight the importance of designing for everyone. This includes discussions on creating accessible designs for people with disabilities, incorporating diverse representation in visuals, and the impact of inclusive design principles on user engagement.

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

There’s ongoing debate about the role of AI in the creative process. Discussions touch on AI-generated designs, the balance between human creativity and AI assistance, and how AI tools are influencing the design landscape.

Design Ethics

Ethical considerations in design are gaining traction. Discussions often revolve around the responsibilities of designers in shaping perceptions, the impact of design choices on society, and the ethical use of technology in design practices.

These topics represent just a slice of the multifaceted discussions happening in the dynamic world of graphic design. The field is ever-evolving, sparking conversations that shape its future trajectory.

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